YOU'RE HERE BECAUSE YOU WANT... have a genuine relationship and direct communication with the people who are actually building your furniture.
...designed and customized handmade furniture completed entirely in-house at uniquely fair prices.
...sustainably hand-built furniture made from naturally forested, locally sourced, 75+year-old reclaimed wood and steel.
...durable pieces made without veneers or synthetic materials that are fully guaranteed to last a lifetime.
...custom pieces constructed by established professionals to fit the exact size and aesthetics of your space.
...your creations delivered on a timely and guaranteed date by trusted and insured professionals.
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If you'd like to know a little more why We do what we do, click here.

Made Exclusively with Locally Reclaimed Lumber

75+Year-Old Douglas-fir from Native Forests

custom solid wood furniture and dining table makers in los angeles
641 Gibbons St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031
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