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How to Order Your Custom Extendable Dining Table 

For years our customers asked if we could build extendable leaf dining tables, but we were compelled to decline because we didn't know if the pre-made hardware would hold up to the lifetime quality standards by which we've always stood.  After testing several brands of "high-end" expandable dining table hardware, we decided it was time to take the leap and build our own.  The results were better than we could've imagined and now we can build extending dining tables to suit almost any style and size you'd prefer.

The video and photo gallery below can provide you with a sense of the time and care that goes into each piece of extension dining table hardware.  All bases can be powder coated in any color you'd prefer, which will be included in your fair and standardized quote.  Any table base design can be joined with any type of tabletop for the perfect bespoke combination of your choice.  Check out our Reclaimed Wood Tables section for a wider array of bases.  Call or text us any time at 213-275-2355 to have a conversation about your extendable dining room table.


Feel free to download any photos to refer to during our future communications.  If you like a particular picture we'd be grateful if you clicked the heart icon to help us get a better sense of our your tastes, and we'd of course love it if you'd care to tag us and share any photos on Instagram or other social media.

Made Exclusively with Locally Reclaimed Lumber

75+Year-Old Douglas Fir from Native Forests

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