Counter Height Butcher Block Dining Table Set - $2700

Cee Cee and Marcel were looking for a dining table set that couldn't be found in big box stores like West Elm or Restoration Hardware. They found exactly that in our "Kristi" table base with a charred reclaimed wood butcher block tabletop and a "Green Verdigris" powder coating. We love when our clients take chances with unique color combinations like these and this one definitely paid off in spades. They also wanted an elevated dining table and bench set, so we built this piece to counter height at 36.5". Hey, it's custom. Get what you want.

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Lumber: Old-growth, reclaimed Douglas-fir

Thickness: 3"

Dimensions: 60" x 36"

Texture: Planed flat surface

Coloration: Charring

Finish: Satin topcoats

Steel: Low-carbon

Design: "The Kristi" dining table

Material: 1" square tube

Powder Coating: Verdigris Green Texture

Height: 36.5"

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