Long Reclaimed Wood Dining Table & Bench Set - $5200

Tony has a large extended family so he needed a long dining table that would accommodate up to 12 guests at a time. He loved the rustic-modern look and wanted to continue that aesthetic with the seating, so we built four 5'-long benches to complete his 10'-long dining room set. Salvaged wood boards often come in lengths up to 20', so it's very possible to build unusually long custom tabletops with continuous boards from this antique lumber.

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Lumber: Old-growth, reclaimed Douglas-fir - $3200

Thickness: ~1.5"

Top Dimensions: 120" x 40"

Texture: Retained grain texture

Coloration: None added

Finish: Satin topcoats

Steel: Low-carbon

Design: "The Geraldine" dining tableHeight: 30"

Material: 3" x 1" rectangular tube

Powder Coating: Matte black

Height: 30"

Matching Benches - $500 apiece

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