"The Antico" Rustic Reclaimed Dining Table - $2800

Josh and Stephanie were set on a wooden dining table base, but they weren't quite sure which design would suit their space. That is until they saw our "Antico" table, named for the premier rustic-Italian L.A. restaurant owned by Chef Chad Colby, who first ordered this piece from us. They loved the old-world style, as well as the fact that the dining table allowed for maximum legroom all the way around.

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Lumber: Old-growth, reclaimed Douglas-fir

Thickness: ~1.5"

Top Dimensions: 84" x 42"

Base Design: "The Antico" dining table base

Texture: Retained grain

Coloration: Natural patina

Finish: Satin topcoats

Steel: Low-carbon

Design: Under-mounted angle-iron brackets

Powder Coating: Matte black