Small Kitchen Table and Bench Set - $1850

Christopher started by mentioning that space was tight in his place so he'd need a small table. We decided that modifying our Geraldine dining table would enable the bench to tuck completely underneath and save him some space when not in use. We loved the clean vibe of this rustic-modern table and bench set and thought that chamfered edges would complete the look. Turns out we were right. We liked it so much that we now chamfer the edges on all of our surfaced-flat tabletops. See the third photo in this series for an illustration.

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Lumber: Old-growth, reclaimed Douglas-fir

Thickness: ~1.5"

Dimensions: 60" x 36"

Texture: Surfaced flat

Coloration: Natural blonde

Finish: Satin topcoats

Steel: Low-carbon

Design: "The Geraldine" dining table (modified)

Material: 3" x 1" rectangular tube

Powder Coating: White

Height: 30"

Table: $1350

Matching Bench: $500