Solid Reclaimed Wood & Steel Bookshelf - $2200

Paul realized that this work-from-home thing wasn't going anywhere anytime soon so he decided it was time to upgrade his home office furniture. We designed his custom bookshelf to the exact length, depth and height he needed, right down to the inch. After an online consultation Paul decided to pair his bookcase with a custom L-shaped desk to perfectly accommodate his office space requirements. We provided digital renderings to illustrate the custom designs and how they worked with the room arrangement. Now he's set up with a professional workspace for whatever the world throws at him.

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Lumber: Old-growth, reclaimed Douglas-fir

Thickness: ~1.5"

Dimensions: (6) 36" x 12" shelves

Texture: Planed flat

Coloration: Natural blonde

Finish: Satin topcoats

Steel: Low-carbon

Design: "The Alan" bookshelf

Material: 1.5" square tube

Powder Coating: Matte black

Height: 80"