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Parkman Woodworks Custom Reclaimed Wood Furniture and Tables

Let's make you a part of L.A. history.

How to Order Your Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Browse through the gallery of our customers' homes below to find the base or leg design you like best.  Each style was named for the first lovely soul who placed the order with us.  All steel bases can be powder coated in any color you'd prefer, which will be included in your fair and standardized quote.  Click here for our quick-quote chart.  Any table base design can be joined with any type of tabletop for the perfect bespoke combination of your choice.

Our two tabletop arrangements are our 1.75"-thick beam-style top and our 3.5"-thick butcher block-style top.  All of our reclaimed wood tabletops are made with Douglas Fir lumber taken from nearly century-old Los Angeles structures.  Our tabletops can be made lighter by planing the surface flat or made darker by torch-charring the surface.  Call or text us at 213-275-2355 to have a conversation about the dining table, coffee table, end table or kitchen island you're looking for. 


Made Exclusively with Locally Reclaimed Lumber

75+Year-Old Douglas Fir from Native Forests

Parkman Woodworks Custom Reclaimed Wood Furniture and Tables
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