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solid wood round dining room table

round & oval dining tables

Handmade Solid Wood Tabletops with Steel Bases

Circle, Oval, Racetrack and Custom Shapes Built to Size


Choose Your Table's Shape 

You pick the shape of your wood tabletop and then provide the length and width.  We'll get right back to you with a personalized quote and follow-up options such as wood species, base designs and finishes.  Don't know the exact size?  Just tell us how many people you'd like to seat and we'll do the math.


custom round dining tables

Round wood tabletops pair flawlessly with our minimalist steel bases to provide you with maximum legroom and stability.  No one likes banging their knees and even fewer prefer a tippy dining table, so we've identified the perfect balancing points for circular tables of any diameter.  

racetrack oval dining table custom

Racetrack ovals allow for maximum seating, which makes them perfect for entertaining.  Most rectangular dining tables only allow seating for one person on each end, but with a racetrack top you can seat guests around the entire perimeter.  

handmade round wood table

Oval wood tabletops with steel pedestal bases pair sophistication and practicality to suit the style of your space.  We'll build your dining table to any size, but as a general guideline a 2:1 length-to-width ratio is a great starting point when choosing your custom oval table dimensions. 

custom shapes custom dining tables

Got a weird space?  Then let's get weird.  We'll employ a CNC routing machine to cut the tabletop into a custom shape and then engineer a bespoke steel base to match.  This option is great for banquettes, breakfast nooks and other quirky areas.

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