The Anna

Parkman Woodworks Custom Reclaimed Wood Furniture and Tables

Anna is as chill as they come.  She came into our workshop with her young daughter, who was one of the most mature and articulate young women I've encountered.  You could tell Anna was a great mom.  They came to our shop to pick out a new dining set for their North Hollywood home, and they were definitely making this decision together.  We had a great time hanging out and going over all the options and details.  When we delivered the piece a month later, Anna noticed there was a unique, turn-of-the-century mill-marking on one of the tabletop boards.  We loved it, but it just wasn't her thing.  We said that it was no problem at all, made her a new one, and delivered it a couple weeks later.  She was incredibly appreciative, which made us really appreciate her.

Made Exclusively with Locally Reclaimed Lumber

75+Year-Old Douglas-fir from Native Forests

custom solid wood furniture and dining table makers in los angeles
641 Gibbons St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031
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