The Jonny

Parkman Woodworks Custom Reclaimed Wood Furniture and Tables

Jonny is actually the fearless leader of our company who designed this base.  Well okay, he has some fear, but we'd probably be a little concerned if he didn't.  He started Parkman Woodworks with almost zero money or funding and worked out of his buddy's backyard for a year before we moved into an actual indoor shop.  If that doesn't churn the stomach a little bit there's something seriously wrong going on.  Usually we name our designs after the first customer who orders them from us, but this one was designed by him without a purchase so we just called it "The Jonny" and the name stuck.  Plus, he's engineered most of our pieces so he deserves it.

Made Exclusively with Locally Reclaimed Lumber

75+Year-Old Douglas-fir from Native Forests

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641 Gibbons St.
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