We build furniture for restaurateurs who want things done right the first time, so it’s the last time.  We'll custom design your tables, bar tops and shelving from solid wood and welded steel with volume-grade commercial finishes, enabling you to execute your uncommon vision with purpose and stability.

Father's Office, Downtown L.A.

Tabletops, Outdoor Tables, Outdoor Benches

Seabirds Kitchen, Long Beach & Costa Mesa

Tabletops, Communal Tables, Communal Benches

San Pedro Fish Market Grille, Long Beach & Harbor City

Tabletops, Bar Tops, Bar Rails

Clark Street Bread, Echo Park - Cafe Tables, L-Shaped Benches, Bar Tables

Vito's Pizza, Downtown L.A. - Communal Tables, Chairs, 

Otono, Highland Park - Tabletops, Benches, Bar Rails

Antico, East Larchmont - Tabletops, Communal Tables 

Wildbird, Hollywood - Tabletops, Upholstered Bench

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