Custom Wood Furniture Handmade

from urban hardwood, reclaimed wood and iron in Los Angeles
Working on a wooden furniture pieceWorking on a wooden furniture piece

made by us,
just for you

custom crafted to your specifications by our expert in-house artisans

locally and sustainably sourced wood

solid lumber recovered from southern california trees and structures

precision quality

with reliable timelines, honest pricing and five-star service

Parkman Woodworks is a passionate assemblage of young and focused furniture makers seeking to essentialize the confluence of craft, community and commerce. 

Discover Our Handcrafted Style & Curated Collections

There's something plainly compelling about the marriage of solid wood and metal, a natural pairing of materials that we at Parkman Woodworks dedicate our energies to exploring, innovating and mastering. Our easy aesthetic embraces the raw charm of custom wood furniture, complemented by the polish of expertly formed steel, bringing life to a properly modern, yet enduring design language. 

But hey, we're about more than our striking good looks. We handcraft each piece with focused effort and care from our 100-year-old Los Angeles workshop, ensuring high-quality, handmade furniture that adds to the story and character of any space it inhabits.

Our collection spans various categories, from custom wood dining tables that serve as the welcoming heart of your home, to coffee tables that compel you to set the laptop down and put your feet up once in a while. For the real nerds, we have bespoke bookshelves designed to conspicuously showcase your hard-earned literary trophies. For those seeking elegance in practicality, our console tables and computer desks offer precisely that. And let's not forget the bedroom, where our custom made furniture creates an inviting sanctuary.

Every item we construct, from bed frames to night stands, reflects our commitment to genuine customer experiences and a dedication to handcrafting custom, top-quality pieces in the U.S. Please take a moment to explore and appreciate the curated collections we offer, and if the perfect piece for your space doesn't bound off the screen, then we're eager to hear about your custom concepts.

Welding pieces to build furnitureCustom-built wooden coffee table with irregularly-designed top and base patternsTwo workers constructing custom wood furniture
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approachable custom furniture

We're a close-knit team of skilled craftspeople who deeply understands the intricacies of our materials, casting renewable life into custom woodwork and metalwork with a mission of sustainability and community, while wholeheartedly supporting the maker lifestyle. From design to delivery, our in-house team handles every part of the build process, making us a truly one-of-a-kind destination for custom furniture in Los Angeles.

Our affection for each piece is immediately apparent in the details of the hand-rendered solid wood and metal. Our handcrafted furniture is born of dedication to craft and respect for the materials we employ, which are sourced locally and responsibly.

At Parkman Woodworks we take unusual pride in being your local furniture makers because we don't simply build furniture - we craft stories, memories and artifacts that you'll admire for a lifetime.

The Lucas L-Shaped DeskThe Elmer Executive DeskThe Originals Conference TableThe Bridget Conference TableThe Faze Computer Desk



Creating a vibrant and productive workspace requires more than just functionality—it demands a touch of warmth and a sense of modern sophistication. And what better way to achieve this than with handmade furniture that imbues character and class? At Parkman Woodworks, we're champions of handcrafted charm, creating pieces that tell a story of meticulous workmanship.

From sturdy conference tables that ignite the potential of every meeting, to bespoke office furniture like executive desks and workstations, we ensure every piece of handmade wooden furniture adds a touch of authenticity and comfort to your workspace.

We're not just making furniture, we're crafting spaces that inspire creativity and foster collaboration. So if you're ready to make a statement with your office decor, we're just the craftspeople you need.

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True Craftsmanship, Born and Bred in Los Angeles

In the vital heart of Los Angeles, a devoted band of expert makers tends to their new day's challenge, transforming rugged planks of wood and clanging bars of iron into impressive articles of handmade furniture.

Parkman Woodworks isn’t just another name in the industry - we stand apart as testament to the homegrown and handcrafted wood furniture shop of days now passed. Our skill, passion and commitment to the mission sets us apart, helping us deliver only the best for our clients and community.

Every piece we create, from the most intricate handmade wood wardrobes to the simplest solid wood tables, embodies our unwavering commitment to quality. Whether you're looking for custom furniture in Los Angeles to add character to your home or a standout piece to elevate your workspace, rest assured we can help bring your vision to life.

When you choose Parkman Woodworks, you're investing in a legacy of excellence, locally made, and designed to last. Because for us, it's not just about furniture—it's about creating spaces where life happens and memories are made.





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