The times they are a changin', but we're still here to (virtually) walk you through our simple custom furniture consultation and ordering process by email or phone, which is often how we did things in the "before-time" anyway.  We'd also love to see you at our showroom and workshop, but only by appointment to ensure your safety, as well as that of our team.  Masks and social distancing will be required by us and asked of you.  Feel free to email or call to arrange an appointment, or use our online scheduling system.  Thank you so much for considering our small, local, handcrafted business during this momentous shared experience.

(updated on 8/11/20)  

So you're ready for something real...



Each product that leaves our shop is handcrafted entirely in-house, which means you'll be working directly with the craftsperson who is building your vision out of pure wood, steel and passion.

Because blood, sweat and tears seems a bit dramatic.

Reclaimed wood furniture los angeles
Ashley N.

Where to start with the wonderful guys at Parkman Woodworks! My husband and I had been on the hunt for a very specific look and feel to our kitchen table for months...Thankfully, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon Parkman Woodworks...When they showed up at our door...I almost cried.

David S.

Graham and his team did an amazing job making our custom table! It was really easy communicating with them and they were able to deliver on the design that we wanted exactly. The wood looks and feels great, couldnt have imagined it any better. If I have to get furniture made again, I will definitely come back. Thank you again!

custom solid wood conference tables
Leah B.

I ordered a custom office conference table from Parkman Woodworks and they exceeded my expectations in every way. Graham and his team are so easy to work with and the entire process was as easy as could be. Definitely recommend for all of your woodworks needs.

Randy S.

If you are interested in well-crafted furniture made from reclaimed wood give these guys a call. They were professional from day one. We went in to visit their shop, they showed us their work and it is impressive. We returned after two months - it takes us awhile to decide - and they remembered our interests. They gave us a quote and schedule and kept their promise in both. You can't go wrong with this group of young designers/craftsmen.


We understand that searching for your personalized furniture can be overwhelming even on the best of days, which is why we've streamlined our consultation and quoting process to make sure your experience is as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

We even include custom digital renderings to make sure we're always on the exact same page with your bespoke pieces.



"Excuse me, I thought you said you were a reclaimed wood furniture company...?"  Yes, that's true, we generally are, but lately we've been partnering with Angel City Lumber in downtown Los Angeles to obtain gorgeous hardwoods from trees around the city that have fallen from natural causes.  This method of procuring boards from non-farmed trees, as was the case when making this dimensional white oak kitchen table, fits perfectly with our ethos regarding local sourcing and avoidance of wasteful timbering.  Plus, those homies at Angel City Lumber are the best!

Custom Solid Hardwood Dining Table
Solid Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Dining Table


You betcha!  We now offer slatted-top construction for outdoor dining tables with any of our steel or wooden leg/base designs.  This separated-plank arrangement allows the solid wood boards to move independently of one another, which will protect against warping and cracking as moisture conditions change throughout the Los Angeles "seasons."  We also adorn the tabletops with decorative brass inlays atop the sturdy through-bolt fabrication method.  Each piece is protected with several layers of high-end exterior finish and we provide custom outdoor furniture covers for superior durability.  And hey, if ya need further proof just ask Marc Maron, who mentioned us and his new table on his award-winning WTF podcastWhich, by the way: dream come true.


For a team of makers there's really nothing more rewarding than moving into your first building.  Before landing this stunning beauty we made our solid wood and steel furniture in a collection of shared spaces (shout out to Lucky Cat Labs!) and even our buddy's backyard (big ups to Mike!), so it's hard to describe the feeling of finally having our very own space after years of hard work.  We couldn't be more pleased and grateful for this particular spot, which sits about 5 minutes from Downtown L.A. between Chinatown and Lincoln Heights.  Come check it out to see our showroom and maybe even catch a glimpse the active freight trains that pass right by our back door.  So rad! 

Round Dining Room Table Wood


 We handle every aspect of the building process ourselves and never sell to retail stores, which ensures our reputation for remarkable quality construction at incredibly fair prices.  This unusually straightforward approach allows us to remain competitive with big box or online stores while providing you with a far superior product that is locally handmade without veneers or composite materials.  We also offer white glove delivery and assembly to your space anywhere in SoCal or beyond.

Kind of a no-brainer, right?




Made Exclusively with Locally Reclaimed Lumber

75+Year-Old Douglas-fir from Native Forests

custom solid wood furniture and dining table makers in los angeles
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