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With most live edge dining tables you're beholden to the sizes that are naturally available, but with our fabrication method you're able to choose the length and width that works for you. We arrange straight planks in the center, just as we would for any of our sustainble wood tables, and then we attach gently curved live-edges to the outer boards, leaving you with a stunning yet functional piece of organic art.

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We don't just stop at dining tables! We can also build natural edge shelving, console tables, coffee tables or pretty much anything else you can dream up. If you're looking for a longer furniture item, such as a living edge conference table, we can specially source those as well.

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It's always helpful to go over wood options and base designs in person at our showroom and workshop near downtown Los Angeles. Here we can really dig into the particulars of your piece and determine the next steps. Plenty of free parking available!

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