Coffee Tables

Real Wood Coffee Tables

When you design a custom coffee table with Parkman Woodworks you can take into account all the needs of your living room, from dimensions to form to storage capacity. And when you have a handmade coffee table made from urban lumber or reclaimed wood, you bring a refined piece of the local environment into your home.

Custom Wooden Coffee Tables from Parkman Woodworks

If you’re looking for a handmade wooden coffee table, we have the experience and ingenuity to help create a living room centerpiece that will bring your space to life.  Working from measurements and inspiration from other furniture items in your home, such as couches, arm chairs and rugs, we can determine the best size and wood finish for the coffee table, as well as other considerations such as storage. 

We specialize in natural wood coffee tables that show off the grain of the wood while combining more rustic and industrial elements, but regardless of the style of your home, we can help you design a handmade wooden coffee table you’re sure to love for years to come.

From intricate modern designs to simple rusticity, we’ve done it all and we're glad to find the perfect piece for you.  Check out our collection of handmade wooden coffee tables for some inspiration, and get in touch today to start designing your own custom coffee table!

No matter the style of your home, a natural wood coffee table can be a warm and organic focal point of your living room, and our custom coffee tables can fit your space and lifestyle.