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them backyard boys
the early days

We started this furniture trip on Parkman Avenue in Silverlake, Los Angeles in 2015 with a pickup truck and a thousand bucks. We built our first pieces from sustainable wood in a buddy's driveway, which was a legitimately beautiful and inspiring place to start our journey. Thank you forever, Mike!

livin' the beam
The nowadays

In 2019 we moved into our current space, a historic brick-and-timber textile mill that just celebrated its 100th birthday in 2023. With views of the downtown skyline, live freight trains running out back all day, and a roof constructed from the same antique timber we use to build much our furniture, we've found the perfect spot to honor our local materials and continue the tradition of Los Angeles handcraft.


To turn the world's wasted wood into practical art while advancing the values and lifestyle of handcraft



Each piece of furniture that leaves our shop requires inclusion from every member of the team. From inception to inspection, we rely on one another to take comprehensive custody of our respective roles.


We hold duty to our clients and dedication to our mission above all. We strive to pay continuous homage to the people, materials and effort that make our craft possible.


At the end of the day, what's the point of doing work we love if we're not having some f*cking fun!? We take pride in our wins and appreciate the time we have together, doing life right.

Rustic wood furniture design and manufacturing workshopMan planning a wooden furniture designCrafting the best wooden furniture at Parkman Woodworks

Graham Taglang

Graham, the public face of Parkman since 2015, is who you'll generally speak with about your custom furniture. The native Marylander is certainly busy guiding the ship, but he always makes plenty of time for his new family, cycling and the ever-hapless Washington Football Team.

Kyle Jordan

Kyle started as a woodworker with Parkman shortly after arriving from Iowa in 2018. A prodigious skateboard videographer, he's now our woodshop manager, photographer and unofficial "glue guy." He is one of the premier furniture wood-charring technicians in the country.

jimmy welsh

Jimmy began welding with Parkman in 2019 and immediately elevated the company's ironworking capabilities. The Massachusetts polymath splits his time as our lead designer and engineer between releasing albums, publishing comics and mastering the Marvel Universe.

Susannah Rea-Downing

Susannah, who first pulled her bike up to Parkman in 2019, is a purist wood virtuoso from NorCal who spends her summers creating sculptures from fallen trees, such as her seminal chainlink series. She's also recently begun to sell her stunning creations on The Gram.

preston weimer

Joining the team in 2020 after studying horticulture at UCLA, Preston quickly advanced Parkman's woodworking standards and catalogue of wood furniture. The Iowa-bred iron man/anarchist/skateboarder is the sharpest wit on our otherwise formidable team.

Randy Zamudio

Since joining in early 2022, Randy has seriously elevated Parkman's party quotient. Now serving as our cabinet and drawer maestro, the Boyle Heights man-about-town also has his own shop, Daddies Wood, which is catching fire and will surely rival our own soon enough.


We handcraft each piece to order, so there's no upcharge to change specifications, or for unique requests. We'd love to hear your ideas. Let's get into it!



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