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Whether you’re looking for custom natural wood countertops to add warmth to your kitchen, a handcrafted solid-wood mantel above your roaring hearth or bespoke floating shelves to scale an accent wall, we can build the custom solution that you've been seeking. Finding the perfect solid wood shelves can be challenging, especially when most are mass-produced to sizes that don’t suit your space. That’s where we come in. We complete all our woodwork in-house and handcraft each bespoke piece to perfectly fit the dimensions and style of your room

Our team can help you create real, solid wood shelves that are custom fit for any area, no matter the size or shape. Our goal is to use locally recovered, solid wood materials to help you create custom shelves that are not only beautiful but functional and built to last for generations to come.

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If you know the dimensions of the custom wood shelves, countertops, or mantel that you'd like to create, we’re happy to provide immediate quotes. Not sure what size you need? Allow us to gather precise measurements of your space with an on-site visit. Our experts can also perform installations if you’d rather not attempt them on your own.

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Swing by our shop to see finished wood samples for the custom shelves, countertops, or mantel that you’d like to create.

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