thick wooden dining table handmade in los angeles

Natural Wood Dining Tables

We handcraft natural wood dining tables in Los Angeles from locally sourced urban lumber and reclaimed wood. Our solid wood tables are made to endure a lifetime of dinners, celebratory toasts, and yes, plenty of spills.  No coasters required.

Choose a Solid Wood Dining Table

Your dinner table is the heart of your home and at Parkman Woodworks we take that responsibility seriously. We handcraft solid wood dining room tables with storied, repurposed wood, keeping materials out of landfills while ensuring your one-of-a-kind table will be passed down for generations.

Handmade dining tables can meet both your sizing and style needs. Choose from rectangular, round, oval, square or extendable table designs. We fabricate tables of all sizes, from the small pub table that seats 2 people, to the extra large banquet dining table that seats 12 people or more. 

Wood and Metal Dining Table Design and Materials

Our dining table tops and bases are handcrafted from urban hardwood or reclaimed wood.   Urban hardwood only comes from non-farmed, naturally fallen trees in Southern California that would otherwise end up in landfills.  Reclaimed wood comes from recently demolished buildings in Los Angeles that are 100 years old or more.  Our metalwork is performed in-house in order to craft each piece to your custom specifications.

  • Urban Hardwood: Available in naturally fallen elm, sycamore or ash  
  • Reclaimed Wood: Choose from Preserved Texture, Dark Charring, Light Charring or Natural Blonde
  • Metal: Table legs or pedestals available in black, white, bronze, brass, clear or nearly any color your space requires

Custom Dining Tables in Los Angeles

Have a difficult space to work with such as a kitchen banquette? Give us a call or come on down to the heart of LA to see our work in person!

Live outside California? No worries! Order a custom dining table to ship within the contiguous U.S.  

A made-to-order wood and metal kitchen table can absolutely fit your space. Choose from a standard natural wood table design or a completely original piece. Regardless, we'll find the custom dining table that fits your life and style.