Each piece of furniture that leaves our shop is made to order just for you, so we want to make sure you know exactly how the process works. We've covered the broad strokes below, but here's a button in case your question isn't covered:


Most standard pieces will be completed in 8-10 weeks from the date of deposit, or 6-8 weeks for smaller, simple items. If you're interested in placing a larger order please let us know beforehand so we can adjust the timeline as needed.

The clock will begin when the deposit is placed, so if you know you'd like to start as soon as possible but you haven't quite ironed out the details of a custom order, that's just fine. Your piece will will be placed in a queue and we can nail down the specifics in the coming days or weeks.

50% of the total for most commissions.

You can purchase standard items directly through our site with a 50% deposit.

For customized orders, we'll e-mail an invoice and payment link, through which payments can be placed by bank transfer for free, or via credit/debit card with 3% processing fee.

Yes, when we're able, but there will always be a fee associated. Please inquire via e-mail or phone.


Sure do. For locally deliveries we work with one trusted shipping company who knows our furniture inside and out. The local delivery is white glove, meaning it will be set up and placed precisely where you'd like.

Delivery in Los Angeles County is $250 for most orders, or $350 to surrounding Counties.

Shipping outside of Southern California but within the contiguous U.S. is typically between $400 - $600. In these cases the driver will be riding solo, so they'll need assistance from you or someone on-site in order to place the item where you'd like it.

Absolutely. Pickup is free of charge and we'll help you load your furniture into your vehicle. We just ask that you bring blankets and tie-downs with you so that your new piece doesn't get dinged in transit.

Yes indeed. We drive threaded inserts into the wood and use bolts to connect the metal brackets. The bolts are easily removed and reinstalled with a standard Alan wrench as many times as necessary without stripping the wood.

Our shippers are very good at fitting furniture into tight spaces, but if you are unsure about whether a piece will make it, please ask us before placing your order. You are ultimatley responsible for getting your furniture into place.

Nope. We attach plastic or felt pads to the bottom of all of our furniture. The pads are attached by adhesive, so it's best to double check that they're secured before sliding your furniture. It's always recommended to pick up your furniture, rather than slide it.

Most of our furniture is able to be slid across the floor by one person, or picked up by two able-bodied people. Our dining tables, for instance, generally weigh between 125-175 lbs. Furniture with metal bases/frames are generally lighter than all-wood pieces.


Lifetime. We guarantee that your residential furniture will structurally last as long as you do. We'll cover any major warping, bending, breaking, cracking or other structural issues that come along.

If your wooden surface has significant movement to it, or warps more than 1/4", let us know and we'll repair or replace the offending item, free of charge. If it's occurred within 5 years of purchase we'll also cover the shipping.

Our warranty does not cover any finish issues. We use some of the most durable finishes on the market for our products, but scratching, chipping or slight splintering is impossible to protect against completely with any solid wood furniture. If you'd like us to refinish your item we'd be happy to do so for $300, or more for larger or complex pieces on a case by case basis. We only offer refinishing services for pieces that were built by Parkman Woodworks.

Yes, any time before we start physically building your furniture. If, for example, we're still in the custom rendering process and we haven't found the perfect design yet, your deposit is fully refundable. Until we start cutting wood or metal you can absolutely change your mind with no hard feelings on our end.

If it's our fault, absolutely. We'll certainly fix or replace the order if we've gotten something wrong. We cannot, however, accept returns if you've changed your mind about an item. Each piece is made to order just for you, so once we've started building, it's yours forever! Yay!

Also, please remember that your furniture is being built from natural materials, so there is going to be noticeable variation from piece to piece. We will always choose lumber of the highest possible quality, but if variance in color, grain pattern or other factors is unacceptable to you, we suggest that you not purchase solid wood furniture.

Our commercial warranties will depend upon the products you're purchasing and their use, as these scenarios can vary considerably and are negotiable. Our wood and metal products are generally over-built and made with extreme durability in mind, but the public can really mess things up when they want to.

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