Arranging Living Room Furniture with A TV: 5 Rules to Follow

Arranging Living Room Furniture with A TV: 5 Rules to Follow

The living room is a space where you spend significant time with your family and friends. It is where you entertain guests, relax and watch tv. Arranging your furniture in a comfortable and functional way can be challenging because of the many activities you can perform in the living room. Throw a TV in the mix and it becomes even more complex. In this post, we put together five rules for arranging your living room furniture with a TV.

Start With A Focal Point

The first step to arranging your living room furniture is identifying the focal point. It will likely be your TV, but it could also be a piece of art, a window with an amazing view, or even a fireplace. Once you've identified this focal point, you can start arranging your furniture around it. If the focal point of your living room is your TV, ensure that it is positioned at eye level and has comfortable seating.

Create A Conversation Area

If you plan to entertain friends, family, and other guests frequently, you will need to arrange your living room furniture in such a way that it encourages conversation. To achieve this, position your sofa and chairs to face each other. Remember that the arrangement of your sofa and chairs should also allow everyone to see the TV comfortably and make it easier for your guests to interact with each other

Consider The Flow Of Traffic

Another critical factor to consider when arranging your living room furniture is the flow of traffic you expect from your family and friends. The ultimate goal here is to set your living room furniture such that there is enough space left for people to move about freely without bumping into them. In other words, avoid arranging furniture in places people are likely to walk through. Also, make sure there’s enough space between your furniture to allow for easy movement between them.

Use Rugs To Define Spaces

If you have a large living room, you can use rugs to create a cohesive look by defining different areas. For instance, you can use a wide rug under your sofa and chairs to create a conversation area. On the other hand, you can place a smaller rug beneath your TV stand and a few chairs to create a separate viewing area.

Don't Forget About Storage

Last but not least, storage. You don't want to forget about storage when arranging your living room furniture. You want to ensure you have ample space to store all your books, magazines, and so on. Several options include built-in shelves, console tables with drawers, side tables with drawers, etc.

Although arranging living room furniture with a TV in mind can be challenging, the five rules discussed can help you create a functional and comfortable space. At Parkman Woodworks, we specialize in creating amazing pieces of furniture out of rugged, reclaimed wood and strong iron. Whatever your furniture needs are, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is contact us today and we will help you create a living room perfect for entertaining, relaxing, and watching TV.