How to Decorate Open Kitchen Shelves: 5 Decorating and Organizing Tips

How to decorate open kitchen shelves

Open kitchen shelves have become a popular design trend, blending together aesthetics with functionality. They offer a unique opportunity to store your kitchen essentials while still showing off your personal style. But at the same time, you may be wondering if the open design concept of exposed kitchen shelves poses new organization questions.  

Want to decorate open kitchen shelves effectively? Here are some tips to help you strike the perfect balance between style and practicality.  

Why Choose Open Kitchen Shelves? 

Open kitchen shelves may not work in every kitchen, so how do you decide if they’re the right choice for yours? It all depends on the rest of your décor, but open dish shelves do have some benefits. First, they give you easy access to your most-used items. These shelves can also help your kitchen feel more spacious; the lack of closed doors can open up the space and make everything seem more breathable.  

Exposed kitchen shelves also give you more decorating opportunities, and let you show off your personality through the décor you choose to put on them. If this decorative element is important to you, then open kitchen shelves may be a great choice for your space. If you value the privacy that traditional cabinets give you (who doesn’t have a messy pantry every once in a while?) then open shelves may be more upkeep than you’re hoping for.  

How to Decorate Floating Shelves in the Kitchen 

Now the question is, what to put on open kitchen shelves? First and foremost, you want to find a way to mix practicality with the aesthetics. While they may look clean and modern, they do still need to be functional for you.  

1. Combine functional and aesthetic items 

When decorating, combine functional items like your plates, bowls, and glassware with decorative items like plants, vases, and cookbooks. This keeps your shelves looking stylish while still ensuring they serve their practical function in your home.  

2. Incorporate greenery 

Another way you can decorate modern, open kitchen shelving is to incorporate greenery. Bringing in plants adds a fresh, lively touch to your kitchen. Small potted plants, trailing ivy, or even live herbs can break up the monotony of dishes and add a pop of color to your shelves.  

3. Use seasonal items 

To keep your open shelves looking new, and to give yourself a regular opportunity to clean and clear out any clutter, you can decorate your open kitchen shelves with seasonal items. Showcase fresh fruit in the summer, or add festive mugs during the holidays.  

Not only will this keep your shelves visually interesting, but each time you go to chance out the décor, you can do a quick clean and make sure that you have on display is still what you love.  

How to Keep Exposed Kitchen Shelves Organized 

While open kitchen shelves do add a modern look to any kitchen, they do require a little more upkeep to keep looking organized. 

4. Be selective 

One way to do this is to be selective and limit the number of items you add to the shelves. Avoid overcrowding, and leave some space between your items to give your shelves a clean, organized appearance.  

5. Use uniform containers 

If you’re using your exposed kitchen shelves as pantry storage, use uniform containers. This will help create a cohesive look and reduce visual clutter on your shelves.  

To bring modern, open kitchen shelving into your home, learn more about our custom shelving options today.