How to Design a Home Office That Inspires Productivity

Best home office setup for productivity

If you work from home, you know how much your space can impact the work you do. An organized, well-designed space can help you be more focused and more productive. And the foundation of every home office set up is a well-thought out desk.

From personalized layouts that optimize focus to incorporating motivating elements, this blog guides you in crafting a workspace that nurtures efficiency, creativity, and a seamless work-life balance.

Best Home Office Setup for Productivity

To get the best home office setup for productivity, there are a few key foundational design pieces that you’ll need, like:

Custom office desk

You know how you work best, and you know the needs of your space. It can be difficult to find the perfect desk that meets your needs and fits well in your office space—so custom desk designs are often the best way to go.

You can think about what kind of computer set up you have (more on that in a minute), how much room it takes up, and what kind of keyboard you like to use. But more than that, you can take your working style into account when coming up with your custom office desk ideas.

Do you like a lot of room to layout notebooks and take notes by hand? Do you like multiple screens spaced out? Custom office desks give you total control over your space and will help you make room for the tools that help you do your best work.

A good office chair

Early on in the work-from-home movement, people were using whatever chairs they had. But as people are starting to realize, sitting in the wrong kind of office chair for eight or nine hours a day can really do a number on your back.

It’s worth taking the time and money to find an actual office chair that’ll give you the back and shoulder support you need, so you can focus more on the work at hand.

Good lighting

If you can use a room with ample natural light as your home office, you’ll likely notice an increase in your productivity. But if that’s not an option for your space, think carefully about the other kinds of lighting you do bring into the space. Choose warm colored lightbulbs for a softer light, and think about the kinds of shades on your lamps. This will help avoid stark white light that will be distracting and draining as you go through your workday.

Ample storage

Another key aspect of increasing productivity in your home office is reducing clutter. When a space is more cluttered, we have a harder time focusing—but everyone has stuff that needs somehwere to be. Having ample storage in your space and a place for everything to be put away will help reduce visual clutter and give your brain more space to process your work.

Shop custom office desks today

You only need a few key components to design a home office that will help your productivity. To find your perfect custom office desk, check out our collection today.