Living Room Essentials: 7 Must-Have Pieces of Furniture

Living Room Essentials: 7 Must-Have Pieces of Furniture

Whether you are just moving into a new place or you are looking to remodel your current space, there are certain pieces of furniture that you cannot afford to omit when creating a cozy and inviting living room. From seating to storage options, these must-have furniture items will not only make your space feel complete, but they will also make your life easier. So, without further ado, here are seven must-have pieces of furniture for your living room.

Sofa or Loveseat

Let's start with the most important piece of furniture in your living room – the sofa or loveseat. It is the centerpiece of your space and will likely be where you spend the most time with your family and friends. The important factors to consider when choosing a loveseat or sofa are the size of your living room, the durability of the materials, and how it reflects your style.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is another essential piece of furniture for your living room. It is a piece of furniture that can serve the dual purpose of being a decorative design piece and the perfect place to set your remote controls, drinks, snacks, etc. Look for a coffee table that best matches your sofa and the overall aesthetic you are looking to create.

Side Tables

In addition to a coffee table, you'll also want to have a few side tables in your living room. These smaller tables can be used for lamps, books, and other decorative purposes. It gets better because you can maximize the usefulness of side tables by going for the ones with drawers or shelves.

TV Stand

A TV stand or media console will not only hold your television but also provide storage for your media components and other accessories. Make sure to pick a TV stand or media console that is large enough to accommodate your TV and has enough shelves/drawers to cater to all your storage needs.

Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman is a multipurpose piece of furniture that can serve as extra seating, a footrest, and storage. Look for an ottoman that has a lid that you can lift off to reveal a storage compartment inside.      

Accent Chair

An accent chair is another clever way to add extra seating to your living room and can also serve as a decorative element. Look for a chair that complements your sofa and other furniture pieces in style and color.


Finally, a bookshelf is a must-have piece of furniture for your living room. It not only provides storage for books and other items, but it also adds visual interest to your space. Go for a bookshelf that perfectly matches your style and has enough shelves to accommodate your entire collection.

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