How Reclaimed Wood Furniture Can Craft Restaurant Ambiance

rustic dining table

Part of the draw of dining out is to experience the ambiance of the restaurant. Bright lights, loud music, uncomfortable seating, can make or break the experience, and in the age of social media, creating an unmatched, picture-worthy restaurant atmosphere is key. 

The best way to nail the guest's experience is through the details. Like solid, real wood tables that are never stained but torched. Providing added warmth and character to your space. And when using reclaimed wood, there’s an added layer of history, as well. Here are a few ways you can use reclaimed wood furniture to warm up your restaurant space.

What Is Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

Reclaimed wood is wood that’s been repurposed from places like orchards, construction sites, or even straight from the forest with a fallen tree. The wood is treated and turned into something uniquely new. At Parkman Woodworks, for instance, we take wood from structures that were built over 100 years ago to craft rustic dining tables, bookshelves, and essentially, the bespoke furniture of your dreams. 

By using reclaimed wood, you’re helping to reduce waste by building with a more sustainable material. Plus, the rich tones and careful treatment of reclaimed wood imbues a sense of comfort and quality that only amplifies the dish on top of it. 

How Reclaimed Wood Furniture Adds to Atmosphere in a Restaurant 

Incorporating hand-crafted, wood furniture provides a sense of grounding, while elevating the overall dining experience. Of course, the style of wood tables you go after, greatly depends on the feelings you’re wanting to evoke.  If deep and moody isn’t your vibe, custom built farmhouse tables may be just the thing. These work great for cafes or diners looking for the perfect mix of quality and sentimentality..

Reclaimed wood Farmhouse Tables

Farmhouse tables tend to be longer, similar to picnic-style tables. So if you have outdoor space, or if your indoor space is larger, then reclaimed wood farmhouse tables may be a good option for you. They can seat a lot of people, making them perfect for family-style dining or outdoor space.

If you go the route of farmhouse tables, you’ll most likely want to consider bench seating, versus chairs. This allows for more seating options, which is especially great for small spaces and benches add continuity to the farmhouse aesthetic. 

Modern Rustic Dining Tables

If a reclaimed wood farmhouse table is a little too traditional for you or your space, consider adding more industrial details, like bolts and metals. Our wood furniture is often paired with metal legs and feet, which can lend a modern edge to the atmosphere of your restaurant.

The Benefit of Custom Reclaimed Wood Furniture

It can be difficult to find exactly the right furniture for the size and feel of your space. Especially when looking to seat multiple guests at a time. That’s where custom crafted furniture can help in streamlining the design process for you. Your builder will be able to create furniture to your exact style and specifications, all while choosing reclaimed materials that will add character to your space. 

To get started with your reclaimed wood restaurant furniture, check out our custom restaurant collection today!