Top Tips For Choosing Furniture For Small Spaces

Top Tips For Choosing Furniture For Small Spaces

Furnishing a small space can seem like a daunting task. If you are racking your brain, wondering how to maximize your square footage without sacrificing comfort and style, the solution is to choose the right furniture for small spaces. In this post, we will share our top tips for picking furniture that is perfect for your small room.

Think Multipurpose

Furniture pieces that you can use in several different ways are the best way to maximize your space. For instance, you can select an ottoman with hidden storage compartments that to function as your coffee table as well as a place to keep your extra beddings. Similarly, a sofa bed can provide comfortable seating during the day and transform into a cozy sleeping space at night.

Consider Scale

Scale is another essential factor to consider when choosing furniture for small spaces. Big pieces of furniture can easily overwhelm a small room and make it feel even smaller than it is. Instead, go for smaller furniture pieces that are more proportional to the size of your space. Plenty of options have a streamlined design and minimal embellishments, so you don't have to sacrifice style for size.

Choose Lighter Colors

Lighter colors can make all the difference if you have a small space. Darker hues make a space feel smaller and closed off, while lighter hues make it seem more open and airier. So, look for lighter colors like white, light gray, and beige when selecting furniture for your small space. Furthermore, these hues will help reflect light, making your room feel brighter and more expansive.

Get Furniture with Legs

Furniture that sits directly on the floor will make your space feel crowded. Instead, opt for furniture pieces with legs that lift them off the ground. The legs allow light to flow underneath the furniture, creating an illusion of more space. In addition, furniture with legs is much easier to move around, making them more versatile and functional.

Go for Foldable or Stackable Furniture

Choosing furniture you can easily store away when not in use is another great way to maximize a small space. You can easily store foldable tables and chairs in a closet or under a bed. Also, stackable ottomans or stools can easily be kept in a corner. Foldable or stackable furniture will help create a more open and flexible space.

Consider the Flow of the Room

When selecting furniture for small spaces, you should ensure that there will be enough space to move around. When you consider the flow of the room and the location of its windows and doors, you have all the knowledge to create a functional, inviting, and easy-to-navigate space.

So, selecting furniture for small spaces is no longer a challenge. Use the tips discussed to create a stylish and functional space. The best part is that at Parkman Woodworks, we are the best at crafting beautiful pieces of furniture out of sturdy wood, strong iron, and the best finishing. Contact us today, and we will build your dream furniture for you.